If you don’t see the answer to your question below please feel free to email us or check in the parent manual for answers.

  • Where do I download a DMJG waiver form?
  • https://secure.delmarjg.com/guards/downloads Instructions are on the form. Please note we must have the waiver on file BEFORE the first day of your JG/LTs session or they will not be able to participate.
  • Can I pick up my LT at 29th St instead of designated "cone zone" pick up area?
  • Little Turtles may be picked up on the beach BEFORE they walk to "cone zone" pick up area by a parent/guardian. Parent must park in an appropriately marked parking space and physically walk onto the sand at 29th St to meet their Little Turtle. Late pick up policy remains in effect for Little Turtle Pick up at all times. Parking enforcement will be issuing tickets to any vehicles not in appropriately marked parking spaces, we don’t want anyone to receive a parking ticket!
  • Can my child walk, ride their bike or skateboard to DMJG?
  • YES! We have a bike rack at 29th St. Please write a note stating your child has permission to walk, ride their bike or skateboard to and from DMJG for the entire session and have your child bring the note to their Instructor on the first day of the session. NO EMAILS OR PHONE CALLS, written signed notes only, please.
  • What do I do if my JG/LT is late or needs to leave early?
  • Parents can park in an appropriately marked parking space near 29th st, get out of the vehicle and walk to the DMJG beach area and physically meet their JG/LT for an early pick up or a late drop off. For safety reasons parents must meet or drop off their child on the sand and check in or out with the program lifeguard at the white tent.
  • Can my JG switch groups on the first day to be with their friends?
  • WE WILL TRY OUR BEST to make sure everyone is happy, we have to consider all participants safety in terms of how many participants are in each group and the age and grade level of the group. We can make no promises to accommodate grouping requests, although we make every effort to do our best.

    The DMJG Program is a safe and fun environment in which to meet new friends. The Instructors all agree that making new friends is an important "life skill" which will benefit the participants for the rest of their lives. All participants in the Junior Guard program are grouped by age and grade level as a means to match the Junior Guards as closely as possible. If a participant is not placed with her or his closest friends, we apologize for the immediate inconvenience, but ask you to be patient and allow a chance for new friendships to develop. We have an outstanding group of young people led by an equally outstanding and thoughtful group of Instructors. The Instructors encourage JG’s to meet and train with new friends in the program.

    Little Turtles will be matched up with at least one or two of their Little Turtle Friends on the first day.

    Thank you for your understanding and giving your JG(s) the opportunity to make new friends on the beach.
  • Who has to take the "Swim Test"?
  • ALL 1st time participates in the Del Mar Little Turtle and Junior Lifeguard Programs, and Little Turtles who have graduated to the Junior Lifeguard Program. For more information please visit https://secure.delmarjg.com/guards/swim
  • What happens if my LT/JG does not pass the swim test?
    1. All events at the swim test can be tried multiple times during the swim test ☺ We understand about being nervous during the swim test. For example, sometimes trying the 20 second breath hold is "easier" to complete the second or third attempt, after finishing all the other items ☺. The DMJG staff is there to encourage, cheer and help motivate the swimmers as best as we can.
    2. If your child fails the swim test at an early test date, you will be given the option to practice or take lessons and come back to a later scheduled swim test to try again. Hint hint, if you are not sure about your child passing the test, come to an early scheduled swim test date!
    3. After June 11, no refunds will be issued for failed swim tests. No refunds will be issued to first time participants who do not attempt the swim test during the designated dates and times for 2016. JGs/LTs who do not pass the swim test must apply for a refund before June 11, 2016 and will be issued a refund less $75.00 deposit.
  • What is the DMJG refund policy?
    1. Between Feb 1 and JUNE 11, 2016 half of the participant fee will be refunded in the event a participant must cancel. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER JUNE 11, 2016. A written request including the reason for cancellation must be postmarked on or before June 11, 2016 and submitted to Turtleguard Inc. PO Box 494; Cardiff, CA 92007. Fees are nontransferable. Participants dismissed from the program are not eligible for refunds.
    2. No refunds will be issued to first time participants who do not attempt the swim test during the designated dates and times for 2016. JGs/LTs who do not pass the swim test must apply for a refund before June 11, 2016 and will be issued a refund less $75.00 deposit.
  • Can I switch session dates and/or times?
  • We recommend you email info@delmarjg.com and ask if space is available in the session you wish to switch to. A $20 processing fee will apply toward each Junior Guard/ Little Turtle who changes sessions. A written request must be submitted to Turtleguard Inc.; PO Box 494; Cardiff CA 92007; with the $20 processing fee [payable to Turtleguard Inc.] and any additional session fees. Requests will only be honored in the event there is space available in the newly desired session.
  • Where can I take swim lessons?
  • DMJG SWIM SKILLS CLASS WITH COACH PATTY – see https://secure.delmarjg.com/guards/swim to register for DMJG swim skills class online.

    Swimming is an important life skill for every child to learn; whether they are a Jr Guard or not. The DMJG Instructor Staff feel very strongly about all children learning basic swimming skills. It could save a life. Unfortunately in our children’s busy schedules swim lessons are often overlooked. We urge you to please spend the time to have your child learn proper swimming technique at your neighborhood pool, YMCA, PAC, Boys and Girls Club or similar facilities with accredited swim instructors. Thank you!

  • What is Vertra sunscreen?
  • The DMJG Store is offering Vertra sunscreen Facestick SPF 38 in natural beige. Turtle’s sunscreen of choice for all outdoor/water activities. Its waterproof and the beige color makes it easy to make sure its on and covering ALL of the face and ears! It will need to be washed off with soap and water and a washcloth at the end of the day. This sunscreen will be available for purchase online, at uniform pick up and on the beach all summer ☺
  • Will the JGs/LTs learn how to surf?
  • YES! Each group will have a surf lesson during the session and "free swim" or "designated surf time" to practice surfing. The DMJG program has a wide variety of foam surf boards which are safe and fun to use for all skill levels.
  • Does my JG have to participate in the "bouy swim"?
  • NO! JGs do not HAVE to participate in any activity they do not want to. BUT….The DMJG Program is about learning, trying new experiences and learning to work through any fears in a safe supervised manner. The staff is well trained and have many years of expertise in assisting participants in new learning experiences and in overcoming any fears they may have of the ocean. Having fear or anxiety over certain JG events is very common and its our goal to help the JGs have fun and concur any fears ☺
  • My JG/LT said their Instructor made them run 5 miles! is this true?
  • NO groups run 5 miles! We do run and do push ups and a lot of physical activity every day. Please note an 800 yard run may FEEL like 5 miles, but all activities are age appropriate. If you have any questions about your JG/LTs time on the beach or activities please email us or come on down to the beach and meet with their Instructor. We are happy to elaborate on any "wacky water tales" you may hear at the dinner table ☺